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Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 for Sony Review

A high quality, lower cost, constant aperture, ultra wide zoom that competes directly with lenses that cost 2x more?


The Tamron 17-28mm is going to be a sell out lens for quite some time. It has excellent image quality with minimal distortion and vignetting. With the constant f2.8 throughout the zoom range it works really well in low light and the auto focus on this lens is lighting fast and dead silent.

For video this is an absolutely perfect lens for anyone who creates video for small commercial clients corporate clients and for anyone who creates videos for youtube using Sony cameras. Since this lens is small and light weight it makes it an excellent choice for gimbal work and people who travel a lot.

If you've been looking at spending $2,200.00 for the Sony G-Master 16-35mm lens you should seriously consider this as an alternative and save yourself $1,300.00! In my tests (up coming post and video) this lens did better than the GM lens did in some photos. For me this lens is a nearly perfect lens for video work. It focuses extremely quickly and works perfectly with eye auto focus and face detection. In the video below you will see how quickly it grabs my face and snaps back into focus.

If you're interested in buying one for yourself:

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