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accessories for mobile video!


Sony A7sIII (best mirrorless video focused camera):

Sony A7III (still my favorite photo/video hybrid camera):

Canon R5 (great photo camera with video features):

Canon C70 (great small cinema camera)


Best 50mm by far for Sony Cameras (Zeiss 55mm f-1.8):

Tamron 28-75 f2.8 (great all around 24-70 equivalent without spending the $$$)

Tamron 17-28 f2.8 (fantastic wide angle zoom)

Tamron 70-180 f2.8 (great 70-200 for sony much cheaper than the 70-200)

Canon RF 50mm 1.2

best all around run and gun lens for sony cameras:

Sony 24-105 F4 lens for Sony Full Frame:

Sony camera accessories

Sony NP-FZ100

Power Adaptor

Long Power Delivery Cable with 90 angle to keep screen clear:

Tripods and mounts:

Best mini tripod:

Good full size tripod:

Best full size tripod for travel:

Best  Gimbal for mirrorless cameras:

Best Gimbal for phones:

Audio accessories:

Great wireless mic setup:

Best mic for on camera audio:

Best lav mic for wireless setup or direct to camera:

Less expensive lav mic (still pretty good):

LiveStreaming equipment:

Great for single camera with HDMI out:

Great for multi camera setups with live switching on the fly:

Hard drive to store and edit video from:

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