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Rode Wireless Go Microphone System: The best audio solution for mobile creators?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Rode released the Wireless Go system at NAB 2019 and wow what an incredible system for under 200.00 USD. This system is perfect for any creators who have tight budgets but really want to get a great versatile wireless audio system.


Wireless audio for film has historically been two things big and expensive. Rode has changed the game with the new Rode Wireless Go microphone system. Not only is this wireless mic and receiver extremely small but it is incredibly powerful. You have the option of using as a belt pack with a lapel mic plugged in or use it as a lavalier mic itself since it comes with one built in! Just the fact that you have both options in this tiny wireless system is amazing!

This is one of the best microphone options for people who film videos for youtube do small commercial work like interviews and talking head pieces, and create video on the go. It's so small and light weight that you can put it onto your camera hot shoe (the belt clip doubles as a cold shoe mount) and it will work perfectly with your gimbal. These units are tiny only weigh 31grams. The perfect addition to your camera and gimbal setup.

The audio quality is excellent using either the built in mic in the body pack or using an external lapel microphone. I've also plugged in my Rode Videomicro and my Diety D3 pro and used it as a remote transmitter for my shot gun mics. The small display is fantastic and bright. It is easy to see in bright light and even direct sun light.


Conclusion: This is a game changer for video content creators! Not only is excellent wireless audio now cheaper than ever before but the size and versatility makes it the best option to use in a wide variety of situations!

My opinion: This is the best audio option to come on the market in a long time!

link to buy the Rode WirelessGo:


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