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Quality add on lenses for phones?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

So you have a phone and your phone has 2 cameras (well 3 if you count the front facing one). You are still limited in the focal lengths you can shoot... unless you add great quality lenses .

Great quality lenses for phones do come at a price but in my opinion are well worth it. I have tried the cheap lenses before and they distort the image a lot.

Cheap lenses distort and ruin the image, they just aren't worth it

Enter Moment Lens. Moment makes some of the best lenses for phones I have ever seen. Almost zero distortion no color shift and absolutely incredible quality. They are expensive yes but well worth it. The construction is a very durable metal and glass. The best part is they make a case for your phone. Some actually are battery cases to give you extra time to film. The case and lens are the key. Each case if built so that you can perfect twist in your any moment lens to sit perfectly over the camera every single time.

No lining up the lens checking for distortion and adjusting. Nope just a quarter twist in and the lens is absolutely secure on your phone. The focal lengths and field of view options they open up to you for pictures and video with your phone are amazing. Your phone becomes a much more versatile film making device when you have more options for how you want to frame a shot.

Even having several of the lenses they are small enough to take with you in a pocket of small bag. So easy to have with you and grab when you are ready to start filming. The other thing that makes these lenses superb are the coatings. Whatever they coat them with (polarization maybe) really allows the colors to have much better saturation.

If you want to see for yourself then watch my video here:

as always I want to hear your thoughts too! Leave them here or in the comments of the video!


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1 Comment

Dana Salsbury
Dana Salsbury
Aug 07, 2018

Hi Jake - That's some good stuff. The Chinese stuff is often poor quality. Do they make lenses for go-pros too?

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