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Phone vs DSLR for video

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. We all carry our mobile phones with us but how well do they compare to a pro level camera? Read on to find out

I decided to put my iPhone x to the test and compare it directly to my Sony A7iii. You can watch this video to see the results for yourself:

Is he really going to compare a phone to a professional full frame camera? Yes, yes I am. I am going to because it really is true. The best camera is what ever camera you have with you at the time you want to shoot something. It might be something happening quickly and you don't have time to setup up perfect lighting or decide which lens to use. It might be that you need to travel light or that you don't have the budget for an expensive DSLR. Whatever your reason

Your camera doesn't matter

what you are capturing does! The story you are telling is always WAY more important than what you are using to tell that story.

So how does the iPhone hold up against a pro camera?

It actually holds up really well overall. Now it will not perform as well in low light conditions. It won't do everything a DSLR does light have near limitless lens options or shoot in log profiles, or even take high resolution images. However all that aside the phone does do fantastically well in one regard. It shoots great looking good quality video right out of the phone. You don't really need to spend a bunch of time color grading. The colors look good already. It handles bright light really well and now the last few generations of phones are actually able to do decently well in low light too!

If you are looking for a great way to capture good video affordably then look no further than your phone! Now there are ways to take your phone videos to better more cinematic heights and that is what this blog and my youtube channel are all about!

Join me on the journey of learning to unleash the mobile phone in your pocket.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments here or on youtube! This is a journey we are taking together.



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