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Updated: Jun 8, 2018

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, we all have amazing cameras in our pockets via your smart phone, but how far can these devices really take us?

The power to create art is in your hands

When I was young and working to learn recording studio production I was constantly blaming poor recordings on the equipment. I didn't have the right microphone or the right EQ. On and on the story went. One day when I was working with my mentor he stopped me and asked why I was blaming the equipment for bad recordings. "if I had better equipment I would be able to get better recordings." I responded. His response has stuck with me to this day some 20 years later.

“A bad artist will always blame the tool. A great artist will take any tool at their disposal and create great art.”

It's true for the next 20 years I watched as great skilled musicians would come in a play cheap instruments but they sounded like expensive ones. I watched as less skilled bands would come in and blame their expensive guitars pedals and amps for not getting the "sound" they wanted.

It's never the tool, it's about the one using it

A camera whether cheap or expensive will not be the limiting factor in our ability to create and tell compelling stories. A compelling story, regardless of what was used to create it, will always triumph over the best equipment telling a poorly constructed story.

Content is king

“A well told story is compelling regardless of the tool used to create it.”

Today we have better story telling capabilities sitting in our pockets than the great creators of old could have ever dreamed of. Your smart phone is more capable of filming great video, taking great pictures and telling great stories that the best equipment available just a few years ago. You have the capability to create compelling content in the palm of your hand!

We just need to learn

Just like my mentor taught me that day that I needed to improve my SKILL not my equipment the same is true today. We need to learn how to craft and create stories that will engage people capture their imagination and leave them asking for more. I am on this quest to do just that. Over the next few months I will be using my phone to create videos on youtube to learn and teach mobile film making. I will also be posting here on this blog. I hope you will join me in the mobile film making revolution.

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