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Gopro Hero 7 Black vs Sony FDR-X3000

I decided to pit two of the best action cameras against each other to see if the Gopro Hero 7 Black would finally dethrone the king of stabilized cameras: The Sony FDR-x3000.

When the Sony x3000 was released 2 years ago it was incredible. It has a physical optical balanced steady shot system which gave incredibly good smooth footage in almost all conditions. It performs well in low light and does fantastic in bright light.

Enter the Gopro Hero 7 Black with it's new stabilization algorithm. GoPro is calling it the gimbal killer and while it isn't quite on that the level that would cause me to leave gimbals behind, it is extremely good in good lighting conditions. It totally falls apart in poor light however because there is simply not enough contrast for the algorithm to use to stabilize the footage.

Watch my complete video here:

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