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Create cinematic phone video by doing this

One of the simplest ways to make your phone video more cinematic is by adding movement. Some simple movement really increases the story telling in your videos.

Static video (not moving) is fine, but if you really want to keep people interested you need to add movement. A video clip that is moving is constantly revealing new information to your audience. That keeps people engaged and interested as your story unfolds.

Keep your phone steady while moving

That is the key and I have broken it down in several steps:

  1. Keep your arms and phone close to your body. Tuck your elbows to your side.

  2. Choose one direction of movement. i.e. up, down, let to right or right to left

  3. Use one point on your body as the pivot point

  4. Film in a slow motion frame rate. i.e. 60fps or higher

I put together this video with some simple examples of how movement will dramatically increase your phone video quality.

As always I would love to know what you think and I hope you will join me on this mobile phone film making journey!


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