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Better audio for your phone video.

Audio is often overlooked for videos but it is almost more important than the actual video quality. Sound design will make or break your videos

The good news is most phones do a decent job of recording audio already but as soon as you take them out of great conditions they start to fall apart.

"When you sound is bad your audience will tune out within seconds"

If you think about any great movie you have watched regardless of genre it is always the sound design that carries it over the finish line to make it believable. Mute a scary movie and it's no longer scary. Cut out the sound effects of a fight scene and suddenly it all looks fake. Make a dialog difficult to hear and it immediately is boring.

Beyond adding music or sound effects, which I will talk more on in another post, what can you do to make your audio the best it can be?

Good clean audio is the key to capturing attention and communicating your message.

The good news is it doesn't take much. Add a small lavalier mic (sometimes called a lapel mic) to your setup and you will have good clean clear audio. If you plan to run around outside with wind etc then there are several great small shotgun mics that will do wonders for your sound. You can see them all listed in my resource page here.

You have a message to communicate, be it about your business or about a subject you are passionate about, so make sure it is heard clearly!

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