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5 simple rules to follow

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

How to create great videos using your phone?

It's actually pretty easy! just follow these 5 simple rules for making videos with your phone.

“following these simple rules will get you on your way to making great videos”

Rule 1

Always use your phone in landscape (horizontal) not in portrait (vertical) mode! Everything we watch content on is setup for widescreen and you want to fill as much of that screen as possible so shoot in landscape! There are exceptions but we wont get into those here.

Rule 2

Make sure your phone is as stable as possible. Use a tripod like one of the ones listed in my resource page. If you plan on running around a lot then use a gimbal if you can afford one or just use a small tripod like this to give you a better grip. Stable footage will really help your audience stay with you and get into the story you are telling

Rule 3

Audio Audio AUDIO!!! Good audio is possibly the most important part of your video! People will forgive a lot as far as video is concerned but bad audio is something that will turn people off quicker than you can count to ten. I have listed several great and fairly inexpensive mic options for phones here Fortunately most phones do a decent job already but if you want to step up your audio consider getting a decent mic.

Rule 4