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Cinematic Look LUT's

These LUT's have been created to help give your footage a "look" that will set your videos apart. I take a lot of inspiration from whats around me here in Alaska and so the names reflect that! This is a collection of 8 luts that will add flavor to your footage. I recommend putting them on and then adjusting the slider until you achive the look you want as some of these luts are quite strong.

Ansel's Mountains - Black and White can really make mountains pop

Arctic Blues - Subtle blue highlights and mids to make things cool off

Burnt 70's - Like much of the footage filmed in the 70s yellowed and burnt looking

Rich and Bold - Rich saturated colors 

Seeing Red - Desaturated except for reds to make a subject "pop"

Summer Greens - lush greens for summer time hues

Sunset - Deep rich golden hues 

Winter Blues - Cold and clear blues with some hard contrast to replicate winter days

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