The Home Recording Studio in the Digital Music Age

So you have a home recording studio, but can you really make music that sells in the digital age?

The Good News about home recording

The best news is your studio in your computer has more potential than a multi million dollar studio did 30 years ago. Think about it. The plug ins that come with your DAW emulate sought after equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars. You Literally have access to racks and racks of gear all within your laptop. An inexpensive Rode NT1 does a great job of recording almost any sound source. A $100 interface from PreSonus does an excellent job of getting sound from that mic into your computer and that’s where things get really interesting.

Your DAW has more power more potential packed into it than most studios did in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Any DAW is basically a few 24 track tape machines put together. The mix window is like sitting in front of huge recording console with racks and racks of gear behind you. All of this is at your finger tips.

So what’s the bad news?

Well the bad news the limitation isn’t your home recording studio. By that I mean that your microphone your computer, and even your space isn’t the limiting factor on the music you record and produce.

So what is the limiting factor?

You are and that’s really not bad news! Actually that is some of the best news. If the only limiting factor is you then you can do a LOT about changing it! I know it’s quite a mind flip to go from thinking that equipment is the limiting factor to looking in the mirror and seeing the limiting factor. It isn’t fun being that honest with ourselves. I didn’t like it when I finally admitted that I was the biggest hinderance to my recording, mixing and producing music.

What can you do?

Learn, study and learn some more! There are a MASSIVE amount of resources out there today. I offer tips tricks and training here on my website on my Facebook page and on my YouTube channel. I even offer in depth training courses to help you grow and improve in your craft.

The bottom line is this. This day and age is the best we have ever had for home recording studios. For music creation and marketing that music online. From your laptop you can create publish and market your music to anyone in the world!

That is amazing

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